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Tips for Extending Wi-Fi Range Between Two Buildings

Tips for Extending Wi-Fi Range Between Two Buildings

Do you want to expand your Wi-Fi network to another building on your property? If you have a large backyard, guesthouse, or simply two office buildings next to each other, long-distance internet setups can be especially advantageous. Continue reading to discover essential tips for extending the Wi-Fi range between two buildings.

Go With Ethernet When Possible

While Wi-Fi is incredibly convenient, a tethered connection between buildings will still give you the most stable and fastest speeds. You must first determine how far you can run your cable outside before deciding whether to keep your current cord or buy a new one. Remember that electrical signals weaken the farther they go, so if you plan to run them up to 328 feet, you should use Cat5 or Cat6 cables.

Consider Environmental Factors

The outside environment has a significant impact on configuring any external cables. Consider the weather, your average temperatures, and the kind of structures that might obstruct your cable pathways. Depending on the answers, you may need to purchase a certified cable for direct burial to prevent excessive UV radiation or critters nibbling away at the wires.

Invest in Outdoors Access Points

For example, when you want to expand your Wi-Fi range to a backyard or garage, the best option is to install an outside access point wherever you desire reliable wireless access. Outdoor access points are weatherproof and provide the same level of performance as interior access points. Just know that outdoor access points are more expensive than their indoor counterparts, so you’ll need to budget accordingly.

Try a Mesh Satellite System

An interior mesh Wi-Fi system, which typically features one router and several satellite devices, can span up to 5,000 square feet and is beneficial if you own an extensive amount of related property. There is no need for an Ethernet cable since each satellite unit requires an electrical outlet to hook in the power adapter. Simply position the mesh router in the center of your home or building and place the satellite units as close as possible to the exterior to extend the Wi-Fi range outdoors.

Using these essential tips for extending the Wi-Fi range between two buildings can be a huge benefit for managing your property. Keep in mind that how you install your equipment and where you position it matters a lot.

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