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How Packaging Influences the Customer Experience

How Packaging Influences the Customer Experience

While packaging isn’t everything, it’s certainly more critical than many people believe. In truth, poor packaging can kill a great product, while good packaging can send a mediocre item’s sales into the stratosphere. Read on to learn how packaging influences the customer experience.

First Impressions

Functionality and cost-effectiveness may be most important to you, but your customers are hoping for something with a better value proposition. Consumers want to glance at an item and know whether or not they want it. A person often forms an impression of your product within milliseconds of looking at it, so it needs to stand out.

Also, first impressions can stick around even if they contradict facts and figures later. If someone sees your product and something about it screams, “this company isn’t environmentally friendly,” the consumer may not believe it when they read “made from 100-percent recycled materials” on the package.

Brand Identity

Packaging should do more than tell a customer what’s inside the box. It should help strangers figure out what your brand stands for. Before a consumer picks up your product to learn more, they should have an idea of who you are.

If you care about sustainability, then you should make your packaging sustainable. The packaging should communicate that fact to the consumer visually. If you’re a luxury brand, your packaging should look and feel higher quality than other products on the shelf.

Simple Understandability

You must remember that simplicity is key. If a customer needs to read an essay to determine why your product is better than your competitors’, you won’t sell many units. Over-complicated packaging is easy for customers to ignore and can be the death of your sales. Use concise words and phrases to explain what you need to get across, and let design and colors do the rest of the talking.

The Importance of Unboxing

Now that you know how packaging influences the customer experience, you can invest your resources into high-quality packaging to ensure your product gets the love it deserves.

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