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Top Maintenance Tips for Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Top Maintenance Tips for Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators come at a high price. So it makes sense that you should keep them in excellent condition to avoid needing a replacement prematurely. Luckily, we can help by giving you the top maintenance tips for portable oxygen concentrators, from avoiding hard detergents to getting the essential cleaning materials every concentrator owner should have.

How To Clean the Exterior

Anything that travels with you will collect its fair share of grime and grit. So clean the exterior of your unit every week or so. Don’t use harsh detergents or soaps. Instead, go for mild dish soap with a little warm water. Anything more severe can break down the protective coating on your unit.

Remember to unplug your unit from all power sources before bringing water near the concentrator. Clean with a damp rag, not a soaking-wet one.

Must-Have Cleaning Materials

You should pick up a few microfiber cloths once you get an oxygen concentrator. These are easy, non-abrasive options for dust removal. Also, cotton swabs are perfect for detailed cleaning that won’t damage any sensitive interior components.

On the other hand, you should avoid hard detergents and rough cloths. Never submerge your unit in water, and don’t turn on the concentrator until it’s completely dry.

Transportation Suggestions

The best way to reduce the amount of cleaning you need to do each week is to invest in a travel case or backpack. This decreases the amount of exposure your unit has to the outside elements. Just don’t forget to clean your travel case every once in a while, too!

Sometimes, even if you follow every tip, something will slip through the cracks and cause your unit to die. Time can also eventually wear down a unit even with excellent maintenance. Therefore, you should ensure you know what to look for when shopping for a portable oxygen concentrator. How light do you want the unit to be? What about flow type? There’s a lot to consider, so give it some thought.

Now that you know these top maintenance tips for portable oxygen concentrators, you can keep your unit in tip-top shape!

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