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5 Pro Tips and Ideas for Designing a Pool

5 Pro Tips and Ideas for Designing a Pool

Summer is around the corner, and you might be thinking that now is a good time to ruminate on all the possible ways you can reinvent your pool area (or invent it, if you don’t have one yet). Here, we’ll uncover five pro tips and ideas for designing a pool that could help you make your pool days and nights even more enjoyable and charming.

Decide on the Landscape

We’re already more than accustomed to the boring rectangular pool designs of yore. But why stick with tradition? You can install an irregularly shaped pool if you wish, strategically adding some fire pits or lush palm trees to great effect. You could also take advantage of the pool’s shape to more clearly delineate the shallow area and keep the kids away from the deep end of the pool.

Be Mindful of Your Eco-Footprint

Recycling can save the world, but it doesn’t have to be boring! You can build a lavish, good-looking pool with the help of recycled glass mosaics and tiles. They’re sturdy enough to last a very long time, and you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint through this responsibly consumption behavior.

Play Around With Lighting

Whether you decide to build an indoor or outdoor pool, lighting ought to be a design priority. Of course, the sun’s natural light should take precedence, but you could also install some gas lanterns to light up your pool area at night and endow it with a tropical appeal. Or perhaps you’d rather apply a more ancient custom and place wooden torches in key locations—just beware of fire hazards! Make sure the torches are properly isolated and controlled so as not to light up the place—in the wrong way.

Make It Infinite

Another one of our pro tips and ideas for designing a pool—especially in this era of escapism—is to create the illusion of endlessness by adding several stacked levels of infinity pools, which will make them appear as if they’re part of one enormous mass of water. You can also split the Jacuzzi and swimming pool areas thanks to this modern design.

Blend With Nature

If you have a backyard with lots of trees, you can build your pool in their vicinity and add an adjacent hot tub under the trees’ thick foliage. The foliage will play its role as a natural shade-provider to make your pool scenery more romantic.

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