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Ways To Lower Fuel Consumption for Diesel Trucks

No matter what kind of business you run or help operate, finding ways to cut costs while not sacrificing your product or service is always a challenge. Fortunately, if you work in an industry that regularly uses semi-trucks, reducing your overall fuel usage is a great way to do that. While it might not be as easy as it might sound, it is possible, which is why we’re bringing you our list of the top ways to lower fuel consumption for diesel trucks.

Stop Pointless Idling

The number one reason why diesel gas gets wasted is due to the pointless idling of trucks. Whether it’s because of a lack of caring or laziness on the part of your drivers, you need to keep them well informed on how much money idling can waste.

Of course, if drivers are doing this to keep from freezing in their cabins on a cold winter’s night, you shouldn’t penalize them for that. However, you should look into personal cabin heaters. That way, the drivers can stay warm without wasting precious fuel.

Encourage Drivers To Take Their Time

For most semis, optimal gas milage is achieved at around 55 mph. Going 65 mph could lose you up to an extra mile per gallon. While this may seem minor on paper, it adds up when looking at it on a larger scale, so don’t encourage your drivers to go faster than they have to. The little bit of time you save isn’t worth the extra fuel cost.

On top of that, you should have your drivers take optimal routes. Whether it’s the long way that has fewer stops or a detour that will avoid some pesky traffic, keeping your trucks moving at a consistent rate will make a noticeable difference, even if those routes take longer overall.

Keep Engines in Good Condition

The pinnacle of fuel consumption is ensuring that your truck’s engines fully utilize every drop of gas. If some parts are old or outdated, they could be wasting a good amount of fuel. Newer ones may cost money, but they’ll end up saving you more than you originally spent on them.

Work on Being More Eco-Friendly

For the final way to lower fuel consumption for diesel trucks, we’re going to recommend that you make attempts to be more environmentally friendly. While this has the obvious benefit of improving the world we live in, you’ll also notice a decrease in the amount of fuel you use. The burning of gas is a significant contributor to our carbon emissions, so finding ways to reduce your overall output will reduce your costs at the same time.

If you need assistance in finding ways to track your current output, there are many emission reduction systems out there that can help you keep track of this type of information. Slowly but surely, you’ll notice a significant decrease in your diesel gas usage.

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