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3 Tips for Properly Grooming Your Pet Dog

3 Tips for Properly Grooming Your Pet Dog

Our furry companions are valued members of the family, so we strive to treat them as such. That includes showering them with love, feeding them the proper nutrients, and taking care of all their needs.

Most importantly, we maintain the cleanliness of our dogs, both for our sakes and the well-being of our animals. A dirty pet is an unhappy pet, and filth does lead to ailments and illnesses. Here are three tips for properly grooming your pet dogs.

Regular Brushing

The easiest way to maintain your dog’s cleanliness is with regular brushing. Our pets’ coats mat over time, which is terribly painful for a pooch. It causes irritation that drives dogs crazy and often leads to skin infections or other fungal ailments. Plus, it doesn’t look great, even on the cutest puppy.

Brush every other day for longhaired breeds, ensuring a silky, soft, healthy coat. Shorthaired dogs need brushing sessions at least once a week. The process is quick, and most pets enjoy the experience.

Bath Time

Most people shower once every day, and sometimes more. Our pets deserve an excellent bath often to ensure cleanliness and superior health. Luckily, dogs don’t require washing as often as humans. A bath is recommended every 30-60 days, depending on the breed and outside factors.

Not only does this improve body odors and overall appearance, but it also helps with allergies. Dogs shed dander in large amounts around every month, which irritates people with animal allergies. Regular baths keep dander away from your body, encouraging more hug time with your furry friend.

Hair Management

Along with brushing and bathing, dogs need regular haircuts like their human companions. Long hair leads to matting and allows bacteria to remain on a pet’s body for longer. It’s best to have a professional cut your dog’s hair roughly every 60 days, depending on the breed.

However, you can manage overgrown coats with quality grooming shears and a little practice. Avoid trimming around the eyes if you lack experience or a steady hand, and focus on other body parts. Once you become more skilled, you can tackle the eyes, along with their paws, ears, and other sensitive areas.

To truly love “man’s best friend,” it’s essential to provide the best possible care for your animal. Use these three tips for properly grooming your pet dog to ensure a happy and healthy pooch.

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