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5 Helpful Tips for Seniors in the Kitchen

5 Helpful Tips for Seniors in the Kitchen

Many people injure themselves in the kitchen due to sharp objects, falls, and burns every day. For seniors and people living with assisted care, these accidents can lead to worse situations that could threaten your livelihood. Luckily, there are several helpful tips for seniors in the kitchen.

Use Matts on Hard Surfaces

It is common for hard surfaces to become wet and slippery in the kitchen. Placing floormats around the kitchen in open areas, such as the floor, table, or countertop, can prevent someone from slipping or losing their grip when leaning on the counter. Matts with an absorbancy factor will soak up the liquid and make the surface dry twice as fast.

Wear Gloves When Cutting

Cutting fruit and vegetables can occasionally cause injury if your hand slips. Fortunately, people can buy gloves that prevent somebody from cutting themselves on accident. Seniors should always wear a pair before cutting produce and preventing blood loss, which could be critical.

Place Items On Lower Shelves

It can be challenging to stretch your limbs and reach for things as you get older. Even for people who have a retractable grabber, the task of taking something from a high shelf can be a challenge. But by placing items on lower shelves or within arm’s reach, seniors will have less risk of straining themselves and pulling a muscle.

Stay Organized

As simple as this sounds, keeping a kitchen organized all of the time can be a challenge at times. It will help seniors keep items in one place and always return them to their area. An organized kitchen will develop muscle memory and keep any messes to a minimum.

Keep an Alternative Alert System Nearby

This tip can save a life in terms of helpful tips for seniors in the kitchen. When a slip or fall occurs, and you don’t have your trusted medical alert system available, it helps to have an alternative option, such as hanging a whistle or air horn on a lower cabinet. By sounding the alternative alarm, you can alert other people within the vicinity that you need help or something is wrong.

It can be difficult to manage tasks in the kitchen and stay as safe as possible, especially as a senior. But with the proper safety measures and preparedness, you can cook food with little cause for concern.

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