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Tips for Protecting Your Livestock From Wild Predators

Tips for Protecting Your Livestock From Wild Predators

Keeping cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, goats, and other animals safe is of utmost importance. Tasks like keeping them fed and hydrated, getting the medical attention they need, and keeping them comfortable will allow your farm to prosper.

However, sometimes, you can’t control the wildlife that travels through your property. Unfortunately, this can lead to your animals getting spooked or, worse, injured. So it’s necessary to take the required precautions to ensure wildlife doesn’t interrupt the flow of your farm. Here are a few tips for protecting your livestock from wild predators.

Invest in Proper Fencing

Keeping predators away is difficult, and keeping your livestock safe within fencing can be quite the challenge. Many predators, such as coyotes, can fit through small gaps or jump over borders and attack your livestock.

So, consider investing in mesh wire electric fencing over single or multi-strand electric fencing to create a solid barrier against predators. This is one of the most reliable tips for protecting your livestock from wild predators that also doesn’t require much maintenance over time. Additionally, you can invest in motion-activated lights and alarms along the edges of your property.

Own a Guardian Pet

One of the most reliable ways to protect your livestock is to own a guardian animal. You can find the perfect match based on your layout, livestock, and the farm predators you must deal with. Having a guard animal will also reduce stress among members of the herd.

Besides dogs, you can also bring in llamas and donkeys to keep your livestock protected. If you have more of a rat or vermin problem, then you should get barn cats to reduce the chance of illnesses and diseases spreading.

House Your Livestock at Night

Since there may be many predators, providing proper shelter will prevent injuries. Additionally, having farm shelters for your animals will stop them from catching illnesses from weather ailments that could make them more vulnerable to predators.

So making sure they’re secure in the evenings is incredibly necessary. Most of the time, young and weak animals become prime targets for predators. So make sure to have an electrified fencing area along with the shelter to keep them safe at night.

Bring In the Pigs and Roosters

Not only do guard animals offer protection, but so do roosters and pigs. Because pigs give off an unfavorable odor, predators naturally keep their distance. Also, pigs are relatives of the wild boar. So they provide excellent protection and keep predators away.

If you have numerous hens, try to have a rooster for every 10 to 12 hens to guard them during the daytime. Roosters are natural scouters and alert the pack of any danger. They can confidently do their job thanks to their loud vocal cords and sharp talons.

Having a farm takes lots of work, especially when it comes to keeping your livestock safe. But as long as you take the necessary steps to protect your property, you’ll do great.

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