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4 Simple Ways Golf Courses Can Go Greener

4 Simple Ways Golf Courses Can Go Greener

You might have seen many photos of golf courses with their fresh-cut hills, each diving into one another and giving players ample opportunities to soak in every view. But wait—there’s something different here that many aren’t picking up on.

There’s plenty to enjoy about the serene beauty of golf courses, but what most don’t know is that these hilly terrains best suited for the golf player can actually harm the environment since they use lots of water, energy, and pesticides. Here are four simple ways golf courses can go greener.


Even while creating different golf park styles, many don’t know what to use to ensure that their grassy fields and forest areas receive the right supplies to keep them healthy.

For many reasons, composting is the best way to reuse and recycle old scraps from food and other things.

The first thing to do is set up different areas around the course to collect trash. By collecting waste, you reduce the amount of litter scattered around the vicinity.

After you’ve accumulated enough, you can take it to your composting site, where everything will break down to create soil. Maintenance workers can then use the soil as compost for the fields.

Harnessing Solar Energy

Although there are many new ways to create electricity, solar power seems to be the most effective for eco-friendliness.

For a park attempting to be more aware of electrical consumption, you can use solar panels to help create energy to power up the country club and the golf carts.

There are also golf cart kits to help power up your carts. They can help you install longer-lasting batteries to work with the carts’ solar systems. With the help of these tools, you reduce the need for gas-powered carts, decreasing the emissions that the golf course contributes overall.

Reusing Water

Many businesses worry about water. However, installing an irrigation system is the best solution to preserving water in and around your golf club.

A water irrigation system helps prevent water waste by running it through a system that pulls the water back down after spreading it out with sprinklers.

The system’s preferable compared to others that make water sit and not go through a filtration system after use.

Recycling Rewards Programs

Sometimes, the best way to feel appreciated for recycling is to have an incentive. So as you work on your process of becoming more friendly to the environment, consider rewarding others for recycling items.

Employees can leave a significant impression on players and other guests by throwing things away in their proper places. So create designated spaces for specific waste, such as glass and plastic items.

When they do this consistently, you can offer small rewards like a day off from work, a gift card, or an extra break during the day.

Keep the trend of recycling going by including these simple ways golf courses can go greener in your new strategy for a more eco-friendly place. Each employee and customer can do their part, but it all begins with your guidance.

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