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Unconventional Ideas for a Great Workout

Unconventional Ideas for a Great Workout

Kids make games out of everything and naturally turn exercise into fun—who says adults can’t do the same? We’ve made a list of a few unconventional ideas for a great workout, so read on to discover how you can break a sweat without breaking your spirit.

Go Kayaking

If you’re looking for a way to work out your arms and core while enjoying the beauty of nature, you ought to try kayaking. This form of exercise is no joke—you’ll have sore arms in no time! However, being out on the water is so enjoyable that we’re betting you won’t mind the exercise that’s required to explore your local lake or river.

Ride an E-Bike

Most people look at an e-bike and assume that they don’t give you any exercise, thanks to the motor. In actuality, an e-bike motor uses pedal assistance, which means you can’t go anywhere without physically pedaling the bike. In fact, you can get the same exercise with an e-bike as you can with a regular bike since the level of pedal assistance is entirely up to you.

There are a few tips on how to make an e-bike ride more of a workout, so don’t discount this option!

Try Ring Fit Adventure

For an all-around workout, there’s nothing more fun than Ring Fit Adventure. This game for the Nintendo Switch comes with a leg strap and a squeezable ring. Strap a controller to your leg and attach another to the ring, and the game can sense when you run and when you press in and pull out on the ring!

This allows the game to translate your physical movements into character movements, so your avatar runs as you do. If you don’t believe a video game can give you a workout, you need to try this. It gamifies every aspect of exercise, from jogging to yoga to arm workouts.

Now that you know these unconventional ideas for a great workout, get fit without spending all your time in a boring gym!

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