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Helpful Tips for Cleaning Up After Events

Helpful Tips for Cleaning Up After Events

Planning and throwing events takes a lot of work. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, business event, or another type of gathering, many components come together to make the big day work. And once the evening comes to an end, there’s another factor to consider—clean-up. Try these helpful tips for cleaning up after events if you want the big day to run efficiently from beginning to end.

Have a Team Ready

Planning for post-event cleaning should start long before the big day arrives. Suffice it to say that you might not get the helping hands you need if you wait until the end of the night to ask for volunteers.

Whether your staff will be cleaning the area or you’re hiring a cleaning service, make sure everyone knows where to show up and when. That way, the cleaning can begin immediately after the event ends. However, there is another step to consider—décor storage.

Prepare Your Storage

Some decorations, such as event drapes, are worth keeping long-term because they’re versatile, stylish, and easy to use. However, keeping such items in great condition requires care and planning. For instance, having a dedicated storage space is one of the top tips for storing event drapes because it will help you keep them intact.

Plus, having a dedicated storage space ready helps make clean-up efficient; instead of brainstorming a storage solution, you already have one ready to go. Keep this in mind for any items you plan to take home if you want to keep post-event clean-up as efficient as possible.

Put Someone in Charge

As mentioned above, having a cleaning crew ready to go before the event is essential. Furthermore, one of the best tips for cleaning up after events is putting someone in charge of the cleaning crew. Leadership is important when it comes to cleaning because someone must ensure all clean-up activities take place how and when they should.

If you’re not going to be in charge of the task, find a leader on your team who you can trust with post-event cleaning. That way, you can walk away and focus your efforts elsewhere without worrying about whether the venue is back in a presentable state. When planning your next event, try these methods to see how they can help the evening run smoother, even after your guests leave.

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