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Best Modifications To Consider for Your Golf Cart

Best Modifications To Consider for Your Golf Cart

More and more individuals are switching their daily transportation mediums in recent years in favor of cost-effective, less-environmentally impactful alternatives. These modes include public transit, carpooling, biking, and, most uniquely, owning a golf cart.

That’s right, these fun little vehicles are practical for a plethora of activities, not just golf. Most impressively, owning one allows for customizations that make your riding experience better. Here are the best modifications to consider for your golf cart.

New Tires

Any vehicle that uses wheels benefits from upgraded tires. Since standard turf-graded tires are best suited for golf, you’ll want to slap on all-terrain or asphalt-graded treads. Consider installing off-roading tires if you use the coach for more adventurous tasks, like hunting.

Additionally, most standard golf carts only feature 8-inch tires. This limits how comfortable the driving experience is and what types of terrain your cart can handle. Adding larger treads increases stability and improves power consumption. Before installing larger tires, you might need to install a golf cart lift kit, which offers superior handling and ground clearance.

Improved Battery

Most golf carts come with a standard battery that’s surprisingly durable. However, these basic devices lack power potential, meaning your cart performs less efficiently.

Instead, install a new battery that maxes out the speed and capability of your ride. This makes your vehicle more practical for commuting and going longer distances. Lithium batteries are more powerful, durable, and recharge quickly.

Comfortable Seating

When using a golf cart, part of the fun involves taking friends and family out for a spin. If you’re going to be spending significant time driving your coach, you’ll want to install more comfortable seating for yourself and others.

This can be as simple as getting seats made with better materials, or as complex as fully transforming the functionality of your seats overall. Yes, some golf carts feature racing-grade bucket seats! Passengers will appreciate the added comfort and safety of having larger surfaces to sit on.

These are just some of the best modifications to consider for your golf cart. In fact, there are many more possibilities for you to choose from! Research which custom parts are right for your needs and enjoy the road.

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