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Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Different Types of Bolts

Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Different Types of Bolts

Bolts are like screws because they have similar shapes and fasten materials. However, the bolt is meant to be paired with a nut and is threaded. It’s essential to ensure that the bolt and nut are the exact sizes to fit together without extra space. There are many bolts to choose from that vary in shape and size. Keep reading our buyer’s guide to purchasing different types of bolts to determine which bolt is best for you.

Anchor Bolts

The simplest and strongest bolts are anchor bolts. Anchor bolts are a type of bolt that’s designed to connect objects to concrete surfaces. One end of the bolt implants into the concrete, while the exposed end connects to the equipment. There are many anchor bolts, but the most common ones are headed anchor bolts, swedge bolts, and double end rods.

Hex Bolts

Hex bolts are commonly used in construction, automobile, and home improvement projects. Hex bolts are named after their hexagon shape, as they have six sides. The head shape of the bolt makes it easy for you to grip any angle with the help of tools, and you can even twist the bolt with your hand. However, since they’re easy to turn, these bolts sometimes loosen due to their shape. When installing this bolt, it’s best to use one wrench to hold the hex bolt in place and another wrench to tighten the bolt.

Carriage Bolts

Carriage bolts are all-purpose bolts. These bolts can be used with various materials, from wood to steel. DIY crafters and carpenters commonly use carriage bolts for repair projects and home maintenance. Carriage bolts are partially threaded with a round and slightly raised head and a flattened tip at the other end.

Elevator Bolts

Elevator bolts are commonly used in elevators, bucket lifts, and any system that raises anything up and down. These bolts are used in conveyor belts and bolt flooring in campers and vehicles. The square neck of the elevator bolt creates a sturdy connection and doesn’t twist when the bolt is tightened or removed.

Hanger Bolts

Hanger bolts are the underdogs of hardware because most of your furniture wouldn’t stand firm without them. You need hanger bolts to put together pieces of furniture together. These bolts are necessary for attaching the legs to your chairs, bed, and couch.

It can be tricky choosing the correct bolt. You want to pay attention to the different types, shapes, and sizes. Some bolts work well with materials, while others do not. Use our buyer’s guide to purchasing different types of bolts to ensure you’re getting the correct bolt for your project.

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