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The Best Beauty Industry Careers To Consider

The Best Beauty Industry Careers To Consider

It’s essential to keep your interests in mind when you choose a career. If you love cosmetics, skin care, and hair care, a job in the beauty industry might be a good fit for you!

You have a lot of options for helping people achieve the look they desire. Check out the best beauty industry careers to consider.

Color and Tint Tresses as a Hair Colorist

As a hair colorist, you’ll be a licensed cosmetologist specializing in hair color services. While reliable cosmetology programs train their pupils on how to color hair, you can specialize in hair coloring by taking training courses or by attending coloring seminars.

Larger salons hire colorists exclusively for hair coloring and let other stylists perform additional services for clients. As a hair colorist, your specialized skills can earn you substantially higher fees than a general hairstylist.

Hair colorists have a strong understanding of how chemicals react with hair to achieve different coloring effects. They also communicate well with their clients to understand the desired outcome and discuss coloring possibilities and limitations. During a typical workday, colorists wear protective gear to shield themselves from chemical exposure.

Beautify Skin as an Esthetician

If you have a passion for skincare, consider becoming a licensed esthetician. In this role, you can give clients facials, full-body treatments, and massages to improve the cleanliness and beauty of their skin. In some states, and with the correct training, estheticians may also remove hair by providing wax or laser treatments.

Since people entrust their skin’s appearance and health to estheticians, it’s important to receive proper training and earn a license from the right esthetician school. A good program teaches students about different skin types and skin conditions, as well as how to safely and properly perform specific therapies.

Apply Cosmetics as a Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, you’ll use your understanding of cosmetics and artistry to expertly apply makeup to your client’s face. Many artists also offer facials and facial massages. In this role, you’ll master classic makeup looks and stay up to date on the latest trends, making this one of the best beauty industry careers to consider.

You can receive professional training from a cosmetology program or a makeup school online or in person. If you work in a salon, you might need a cosmetologist or esthetician’s license.

Makeup artists also work in other industries, such as photography, television, and mortuary science, to name a few. But you can also offer freelance services, such as for weddings and special events.

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