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Worker Safety: Forklift Maintenance for Safety

Worker Safety: Forklift Maintenance for Safety

Any job that uses heavy machinery is dangerous, and using forklifts is no exception. However, with proper training and care, operating a forklift can be very safe for workers and increase efficiency. That’s why forklift maintenance for safety is so important for workers. Here’s a look into the basics of forklift upkeep that can keep your workers from getting into accidents and dealing with breakdowns.

Daily Inspections

You should run an inspection first before using a forklift. OSHA requires these inspections before using the forklift every day. So you can use their checklists for your inspections. This will help avoid accidents or dangerous situations down the line.

Weekly Cleaning

Forklifts slowly accumulate dirt and grime. This can do a lot more than make them filthy. Leaving this dirt can damage the machinery and cause failures. Regular cleaning will prevent this damage and extend your forklift’s life for years.

Tire Care

A great weak point for forklifts is their tires, as they carry lots of weight and suffer lots of wear during regular use. You should frequently check the tires and replace them when the treads wear down too much. There’s also the possibility of tire leaks and pressure loss, so look for these issues daily as well.

Maintenance Schedule

Every part of your forklift will wear down as you utilize the machinery, which means you’ll eventually need replacements. It’s better to replace parts before they break down. Otherwise, they can damage your forklift or hurt your employees. That’s why you should learn and implement a maintenance schedule that’ll help you set when to replace your drive shaft and other parts.

Vigilance in Use

The last part of forklift maintenance for safety is being alert when using the vehicle for any problematic changes. Many problems with forklifts first display signs during use. For example, a rumbling while driving might indicate issues with the drive shaft. That’s why you should learn these signs and train all your employees to teach these signs as well.

All these steps are completely necessary for forklift maintenance and keeping your workers safe from possible injuries. Make sure that any policies or rules you make reflect these steps and focus on protecting your employees.

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