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How To Protect Your Workers During Roadside Construction

How To Protect Your Workers During Roadside Construction

Roadside construction is one of the most common causes of construction site injury and death. Typically, this is the result of a reckless driver or poor safety conditions. Learn how to protect your workers during roadside construction and keep this cornerstone of society safe.

Educate Your Workers

Most car accidents happen due to reckless drivers. However, rigorous safety courses for construction workers can mitigate accidents and help them know what to do if an accident occurs. In addition to construction site safety, you should provide basic emergency first aid courses and accident response courses. These courses can save the lives of workers and drivers and teach workers how to help themselves or their coworkers if necessary.

Create a Safe Work Environment

Creating a safe work environment for roadside construction is more than just using the right safety gear. Personal protective equipment undoubtedly saves lives, but many worker face working in unsafe elements. For example, snow makes the roads icy, and drivers can lose control. Rain can also make it difficult for people to see signs indicating a construction zone.

Your employees shouldn’t have to work under unsafe weather conditions, no matter how important the project is. If you have no choice, use concrete barriers and weather-protective clothing to keep your workers safe and comfortable.

Fight for Stricter Laws

Employers should be a worker’s best advocate, and there’s no better way to achieve that than to actively fight for their rights and safety. Here are a few things you can propose to your local representative to keep roadside construction workers safer:

  • Demand that all construction projects are done during safe weather.
  • Propose stricter laws on car tires, seatbelts, and using technology while driving.
  • Suggest basic first aid and accident response courses for drivers.
  • Recommend that driving courses should be more informative about roadside hazards.
  • Propose that, in order to update their driver’s licenses, people should have to take reminder courses to keep their driving skills sharp and prevent the continuation of bad driving habits.

Protecting your workers during roadside construction should always be of the utmost importance. After all, the planet’s infrastructure would crumble without them. So there’s no better day than today to start protecting and advocating for your employees.

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