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Top Safety Actions To Take To Make Your Warehouse Safer

Top Safety Actions To Take To Make Your Warehouse Safer

Good safety managers and shift supervisors continually study cost-effective and long-term warehouse safety best practices to keep everyone safe. Here are some of the top safety actions to take to make your warehouse safer!

Schedule Regular Warehouse Best Practices Training

It’s difficult to quickly implement significant rule changes that better protect workers’ well-being and prevent accidents without sufficient training and education. Whenever your safety manual receives an update, have an in-house training session to ensure that everyone is knows warehouse safety thoroughly. To instruct and retrain new and old hires, you should schedule frequent safety protocol training sessions. At the very least, you should hold these quarterly each year. You should also address changes, such as new clothing, new safety equipment, and crucial improvements to on-site machinery.

Keep the Warehouse Floor Clean

Although it may appear to be common sense, cleanliness is one of the most critical safety rules. During each shift, assign employees to the floor to keep track of regular cleanups, such as getting rid of boxes and other waste materials that accumulate on the floor. If you operate with chemicals or store liquids, keep spill kits on hand and immediately accessible. Preventing slips and falls is foundational to creating a safe warehouse facility because they’re among the most common causes of injury. So clear those garbage cans, do daily inspections, and give your shift supervisors the authority to keep the area clean.

Use Signage To Communicate Warehouse Safety Rules

It should be at the top of your to-do list to hang signs in crucial locations. Proper warehouse signage is important for safety. Workers may not be able to hear one other over the constant noise of forklifts, trucks, and other electrical equipment on loading docks. While certain things may appear self-evident to veterans, keep in mind that there are always new employees on the floor who aren’t as knowledgeable. Provide them with easy-to-understand visual indicators to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety awareness. To ensure that all warehouse safety signs are always legible and hanging properly, inspect signage monthly and include it on your warehouse safety inspection checklist.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of some of the top safety actions to take to make your warehouse safer. While it can be hard to create a safe warehouse because of how many details you need to consider, we guarantee that doing so will make your warehouse a much better place to work. It’ll also become a much more productive one as well!

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