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Top 4 Ways LED Lights Can Improve Your Health

Top 4 Ways LED Lights Can Improve Your Health

LED lights have taken industries and environmental groups by storm, introducing a durable, sustainable form of energy. A lesser-known advantage of LED lights is that they can improve your health and quality of living. Explore the top four ways LED lights can improve your health, your home, and even your performance in the office.

They’re Free of Toxins

Preventing exposure to mercury is what makes LEDs better than standard light bulbs in terms of health. Mercury is a notorious toxin that traditional incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs contain, and it places you at risk of health issues. LEDs contain no mercury vapor, nor do they produce harmful UV radiation, making them safer options for your health and for the well-being of the environment.

They Promote Sleep

Exposure to natural light determines our sleep cycles. Manufacturers develop LEDs to produce light that mimics natural sunlight and that balances the circadian rhythm without disruption. If you experience sleep disorders such as insomnia, switching the standard light bulb in your bedroom to an LED bulb has the potential to regulate your biological system for better sleep.

They Reduce Migraines

Eye strain is a major contributor to pain for people who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Traditional fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs are prone to flickering, and they accelerate the degeneration of eye health. If you experience sensitivity to artificial light, LEDs are safer options, as the light they produce mimics natural light and has less of an effect to trigger migraines.

They Improve Productivity

Maintaining the health of students and employees is crucial to having a productive operation in an office or classroom setting, and lighting has the potential to influence this productivity. The natural resemblance of LEDs to outdoor light has been shown to boost cognitive function and reduce concentration issues.

The endurance and sustainability of LEDs are beneficial to the natural environment and to our indoor environments. The next time you’re contemplating the choice of lighting for your office or bedroom, consider LEDs to improve the health of the planet and yourself.

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