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Different Meats To Consider When Making Jerky

Different Meats To Consider When Making Jerky

Beef jerky is one of the most popular snacks around the world and has been for many, many years! However, this traditionally beef-sourced food has become more exotic recently. Many jerky makers incorporate unique meats instead of beef today. If you’re hoping to shake things up, read on for different meats to consider when making jerky.


Poultry jerky isn’t actually that rare—many jerky companies feature a chicken or turkey product, and lots of consumers enjoy them. However, beef is still the most common meat source for this snack. Poultry is an amazing substitute for beef and makes for a unique-tasting jerky. The natural tang of our feathered friends offers a robust, savory flavor profile. Plus, lean meats like chicken are better for heart health and help build muscle.

Big Game

Many hunters enjoy making meat dishes from the animals they catch, especially with big game. Elk, deer, and buffalo have a naturally rich, smokey flavor that works excellently in jerky form. Big game meat is heartier, filling you up quicker than beef. Plus, big game meat has a high amount of proteins, zinc, iron, phosphorus, folate, and B12 vitamins.


Alligator meat is an acquired taste. Some remark that it tastes like chicken. Others believe the meat has far more of a buttery flavor than beef and big game. It’s also ideal for cajun jerky or any other spicy jerky variation. Aside from having an excellent taste, alligator meat is low in calories and saturated fat while maintaining a large amount of protein and monounsaturated fat. It’s a tasty and healthy alternative to beef.

These different meats to consider when making jerky have numerous health benefits, and they’re absolutely delicious to eat. If you’re truly looking to spice up your homemade snacks, get creative with the animals you use!

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