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The Highest-Paying Welding Jobs Available

The Highest-Paying Welding Jobs Available

Money may not always buy happiness, but it can make life easier. If you are trying to find the highest-paying welding jobs available, consider these jobs for your search.


Rig welders are among the highest-paid industrial workers in the United States. These welders are the most advanced workers available based on their education and certifications, making them the most valuable candidates in the market.

Working long and demanding hours, a rig welder can easily make six figures, over $200,000 a year. The primary reason why rig welders are so vital is they use various welding techniques on jobs all over the country. You will get to visit multiple states around the country, even though you might be working 12-hour shifts during your stay.


Candidates must pass a background check before they receive this job offer. To start a career as a nuclear welder, an applicant must get approval from the FBI because of the job details.

Additionally, you can expect several psychological assessments and frequent drug and alcohol testing. Besides the rigorous measures to get the job, a nuclear welder works with toxic radioactive materials. The most elite nuclear laborers earn nearly $150,000 a year.


If you love to live life on the edge while getting a paycheck, consider a career as an underwater welder. Because of the hazards involved, you receive fair compensation. The best underwater welders earn around $145,000 a year.

To begin a career underwater, the person must have an American Welding Society wet welding certification and have a diver’s license. Completing these two requirements may take six months, but it will pay off in the long run.


All baseball teams have a player who can play multiple positions. These players are valuable because their position flexibility allows coaches to mix and match easily. Combo welders are the utility players of the welding industry.

These skilled workers are experts in welding procedures like MIG, ARC, and stick welding. Some rookie welders might need TIG welding tips to help them settle in during their first few weeks on the job. Like other welding jobs, you may be on the road constantly, but you’ll earn over $80,000 a year.


The knowledge of superior welding is another high-paying occupation many welders can explore. A certified welding inspector could make over $100,000 a year, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be doing a lot of welding work. Instead, you must ensure that everyone else is doing their job correctly while complying with the safety protocols. Thus, it’s best to be highly knowledgeable about all things welding.

You can explore multiple avenues if you want one of the highest-paying welding jobs available. With the proper education and certifications, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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