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Ways To Honor Your Country This Memorial Day

Ways To Honor Your Country This Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday that celebrates those fallen members of the military who gave their lives in active service to our country. There is no better day to commemorate the sacrifices of our soldiers than Memorial Day. These are the best ways to honor your country this Memorial Day. Make this meaningful May holiday count.

The History of Memorial Day

Traditionally observed on May 30th but celebrated on the last Monday of May, this American holiday honors the noble sacrifices of those who have died in active military service. Memorial Day, formerly called Decoration Day, has existed since the 1860s. The first Decoration Day celebrated the sacrifice of Northern soldiers in the Civil War. Now, this holiday has evolved to commemorate all soldiers and United States armed forces members.

Traditional Celebrations of Memorial Day

A traditional celebration of Memorial Day is visiting the graves of soldiers. People decorate graves with flags and flowers to commemorate these soldiers’ lives and legacies on Memorial Day. Suppose you notice a sea of flags in a graveyard in May. In that case, you are witnessing the time-honored tradition of decorating soldiers’ graves for this meaningful American holiday.

Display Your American Flag

The American flag is a symbol with significant cultural meanings for our country. One way to celebrate this Memorial Day is to display your American flag proudly. Hanging a flag on Memorial Day will show your neighbors you respect the brave sacrifice of members of the U.S. armed forces. Celebrate this Memorial Day by flying your flag. On Memorial Day, you should fly the flag at half-staff until noon and raise it again at noon.

Learn About the Service of Your Family

If you have any family members who have served in the armed forces, take the time to learn about their service to celebrate this Memorial Day. Learning about your family’s military history is one of the best ways to honor the sacrifices of those in the armed forces. Learn more about your family this Memorial Day.

Decorate the Graves of Soldiers

Decorating the graves of soldiers is one of the best ways to honor your country this Memorial Day. Volunteer by decorating the graves of local soldiers to celebrate the meaning of Memorial Day fully. You can sign up through a local volunteer service or take a trip to a local cemetery and leave some flowers on a few graves. Celebrate this holiday the traditional way by honoring those who have passed on in service to this great country.

Support the Families of Fallen Heroes

The USO helps support families of those who have died in military service through the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). Learn about the USO’s programs and help the families of the fallen to celebrate this Memorial Day. Make this Memorial Day count by making a difference!

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