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Summer Safety Tips To Enforce in the Warehouse

Summer Safety Tips To Enforce in the Warehouse

Workers all over do their jobs in and outside of the storeroom, mostly around heavy equipment. It’s important to maintain safety on and off the work floor. The warmer it gets outside, the more bosses need to ensure no one overworks themselves in the heat. Take these tips for staying safe in the warehouse this summer as a starting point to protect your employees.

Stay Hydrated

The most important thing to enforce is staying hydrated. Have workers remain well-hydrated with water stations and water bottles to keep them going. After all, there will be periods when workers need to stand in the blazing sun for hours.

Having water stations set up on different warehouse perimeters helps keep workers energized and motivated. When laying out summer work plans, have water stations installed no more than 10 feet away from each end of the warehouse, including the loading zones.

Maintain Equipment

Equipment overheats often. Before anyone begins working, have each person perform pre-checks to ensure that fluid levels are up and attachments aren’t missing or damaged.

Since machines and vehicles overheat, following and performing daily maintenance checks according to your schedule is essential. With the high heat, it’s best to follow your regular schedule to prevent overusing and overheating your machines.

Take a Break

Breaks are a must for every work environment requiring employees to wear hard hats. As the days grow longer, you’re more likely to tire yourself out faster. Aside from drinking water, you need to take a break often.

Taking breaks helps relieve stressed-out muscles and gives you a chance to catch your breath while loading or operating heavy machinery. Set up designated areas with working HVACs or fans for workers to move to when needed.

Remain Protected

Even in hot weather, it’s essential to stay protected. It’s necessary to wear light colors, like green or orange, because dark colors heat up faster than lighter shades.

Additionally, require your workers to apply sunscreen often and wear sunglasses and hats to avoid sunburns. Try and split up shifts throughout the day or during the week. For example, have outdoor workers trade shifts with those working inside all day. Changing things around helps workers become more involved in other work areas.

Know When To Stop Working

It’s vital to know when to stop working—even the hardest workers need to remind you when to stop, especially in the heat. The heat takes a toll on everyone, but it’s essential to stop if you or a worker experience muscle cramps or dizziness.

Set up a time limit for how long outdoor workers can work. For example, outdoor employees have two half-hour breaks while outside.

These summer safety tips to enforce in the warehouse help you understand how to create a safer work environment in the next few months. Get together with your team to create work schedules and find ways to protect workers this summer.

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