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Best Ways To Upgrade Your Mustang’s Performance

Best Ways To Upgrade Your Mustang's Performance

You can make many modifications to your Ford Mustang to unlock its full capabilities. You want to make sure your pony car gives you a smooth ride, whether you’re driving around the track, zooming down the highway, or making your way through town. You can discover the best ways to upgrade your Mustang’s performance below.

Switch to Cold Air Intake

A Mustang direct from the factory will come with a suffocating airbox. To help alleviate this problem, you should replace your OEM airbox as quickly as possible with an aftermarket cold air intake. Cold air intakes let more chilled, dense air into your engine, freeing up a good chunk of horsepower.

Keep in mind that you may need to tune it to guarantee that you receive the most power out of your upgraded intake system. When you do, you don’t need to fret about the engine running overly lean, and you’ll also receive a more excellent throttle response. There are also many no-tune options, although you won’t get as big of a power improvement from them.

Invest in a Performance Exhaust System

A performance exhaust system liberates part of your engine’s power by allowing the gases within to leave more quickly. When these gases can escape more readily, the engine performs much more efficiently. Additionally, the fuel and air evacuate the combustion chamber more quickly, allowing additional fuel and air to burn and generate more power.

Exterior Additions Can Work Wonders Too

There are quite a few exterior upgrades for your Mustang that enhance your vehicle’s overall aesthetic and boost your performance. One of the best examples is adding a spoiler to the back of your car. A rear spoiler is an excellent way to give your Mustang a more formidable look while also making it more effective on the road.

The spoiler increases traction and braking capabilities by increasing the downward force on the vehicle’s rear. As a result, stopping will be easier, even at more incredible speeds, making driving even safer while still getting the most out of the Mustang.

Investing in one or all of the above best ways to upgrade your Mustang’s performance allows you to appreciate the feel of your car as you drive it. You can keep experimenting with different modifications until you’ve personalized the experience of your Mustang to fit your driving style.

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