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What Makes Indoor and Outdoor Garbage Cans Different

What Makes Indoor and Outdoor Garbage Cans Different

All garbage cans are basically the same, right? Well, there are some differences you might not think about at first glance. If you’re in the market for a new waste receptacle, you might be wondering what makes indoor and outdoor garbage cans different. Read on to learn about some of the main differing factors to note as you browse through your choices online or in-store.

Capacity or Size

Whether you’re observing garbage cans for home or business use, their size is usually a dead giveaway as to whether they are indoor or outdoor receptacles. Most homes and businesses have several indoor garbage cans and just one or two outdoor cans. Because you utilize more indoor trash cans, they don’t fill up as often, so indoor bins don’t often exceed 30 gallons. However, most people typically empty indoor bins into their outdoor receptacles throughout the week, so these need to have a larger holding capacity.


Manufacturers use varied materials when making indoor and outdoor garbage cans, with the chosen materials corresponding to the can’s conditions and how people use them. For example, outdoor garbage cans need to hold up to more wear and tear than indoor garbage cans. Outdoor receptacles withstand weather conditions while indoor garbage cans don’t.

For this reason, you’ll often find indoor garbage cans made from thinner plastic or metal materials. Outdoor garbage cans need to be sturdy and structurally sound, so they’re formed with more heavy-duty plastics and metals. Most businesses use heavy-duty plastic or steel garbage cans for both indoor and outdoor use due to their durability.

Added Features

Indoor garbage cans tend to fall on the simpler side of the design spectrum. Because indoor receptacles are smaller, they don’t need or have room for all the bells and whistles that outdoor cans utilize. Indoor garbage cans might have a lid and a foot pedal to cut down on odors, but you won’t see many other additional features.

On the other hand, outdoor garbage cans often need additional features for ease of use. Because they are so much larger, outdoor bins usually come with wheels attached for easy movement. Outdoor garbage cans also utilize locks and heavy-duty protective lids to keep out critters and thieves.

Many people assume that all garbage cans are the same, but there are more differences than you might think. With this look into what makes indoor and outdoor garbage cans different, you can better choose the right garbage can for your home or office.

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