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How To Prep Your Poolside for Summertime

How To Prep Your Poolside for Summertime

Whenever most people imagine their perfect summer, they often envision a day at a pool. Unlike the beach, swimming in your backyard allows you to enjoy yourself without worrying about tides, underwater creatures, and summer crowds. Hanging out by your pool lets you soak in the summer sun in privacy while also keeping you cool in the high temperatures. With summer inching closer, it’s time to uncover the pool and set it up for summer fun. Here are some tips on how to prep your poolside for summertime.

Clear Outdoor Debris

Cleaning up your poolside ensures you and others can enjoy a day by the pool with minimal risks from sharp objects and other harm. Throughout the year, various weather conditions bring lots of backyard debris. Due to rain storms to high winds, strewn leaves, plants, and even large piles of dust can accumulate by your poolside. Clearing away the outdoor debris makes your poolside more welcoming and minimizes any safety risks. Also, don’t forget to clear up debris in places other than the ground, such as loose branches in trees, blocked drains and gutters, and any low-hanging or nearby nests housing harmful insects.

Set Up the Pool

For new pool owners, maintaining a pool comes with a bunch of unexpected processes. These include running the filters, scrubbing pool scum, cleaning with chemicals, and hiring professional water testers. Once the poolside is clean and ready for business, it’s time to set up the pool. It sometimes takes a couple of days before the pool is actually ready for use. The earlier you start prepping the pool for summer, the sooner you get to dip in the water.

Update Outdoor Furniture

Enjoying a pool day doesn’t always mean hopping in the water and going for a swim. Some people prefer to make the most of their pool day on the patio. Styling your poolside patio with updated outdoor furnishings ensures everyone at the pool relishes the time, whether they’re on dry land or in the water. There are numerous poolside essentials to explore, from lounge chairs to outdoor bars and firepits that enhance your time outdoors by the pool.

Use Mosquito Repellants

Although summertime brings out the sun and warm weather again, it also brings back the bugs. Providing different repellant solutions, such as citronella candles, smoke starters, and even bug spray, reduces the number of mosquitos in your yard, increasing the comfort of the outdoors. Plus, it minimizes the number of bugs floating in the pool.

Add Different Shades

Spending time under the shimmering sun offers a range of benefits. It provides you with healthy doses of vitamin D, warmth, and a bright sky. It also grants you the best outdoor conditions that let you spend countless hours in the fresh air. However, as with the influx of bugs, the summer weather also has its flaws because it exposes people to potential sun damage. Ensuring your outdoor space has shading options lets you and your guests relax in the great outdoors at maximum comfort levels.

Learning how to prep your poolside for summertime will help you enjoy the moments you spend on it. You should clear your poolside of potential hazards, equip it with the essential summer gear, and maximize its comfort.

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