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The Top Household Products Made With Cotton

The Top Household Products Made With Cotton

Cotton is one of the most vital materials we use in our homes every day. These are the top household products made with cotton. Learn more about this material we know and love and how we need it in our homes.

Cotton Bedding

One of the first places we think of when we think of cotton is our beds. Cotton is the material of choice for most bedding, and it’s incredibly durable and easy to maintain. There are many things to learn about cotton bedding, such as its ability to prevent dust and allergens from becoming trapped within its weave. People also love cotton for bedding because of its strength and breathability. Therefore, it’s one of the primary materials in lots of home bedding.

Diapers and Menstrual Care Products

As diapers have become more advanced and comfortable, higher demand for a soft and hypo-allergenic layer of protection has been crucial in the diaper industry. Cotton fulfills the need for a soft top layer in diapers and is gentle enough for babies to stay comfortable. Cotton is also in many high-quality menstrual care products like pads, tampons, and liners. Some tampons are made of 100-percent cotton to ensure they’re safe and ready for maximum efficacy. Cotton is a crucial part of the way we keep comfortable with these essential products.

Coffee Filters

The next time you enjoy your morning cup of coffee, think of cotton. The filters that people use to brew coffee often contain cotton in them. Cotton is biodegradable and compostable, so it’s an excellent material for coffee filters. It also absorbs some of the oils from the coffee as it passes through, allowing you to have an enjoyable cup. Cotton coffee filters are a crucial part of your morning cup of coffee.

In Our Books

If you pick up a book, there’s a good chance there may be some cotton involved in your reading process. The finest quality papers use cotton blends, so you may have some cotton in your pages as you turn. Even if cotton isn’t in every paper, it’s the perfect choice for bookbinding, so chances are there will be some cotton in your reading materials.


Bandages are among the top household products made with cotton. The next time you get a paper cut, your bandage will contain cotton. Cotton is part of cleaning and dressing wounds and has many applications in the healthcare industry outside of just bandages. The next time you get hurt, keep cotton in mind.


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