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4 Tips for Improving Your Laundromat Business

4 Tips for Improving Your Laundromat Business

Customers at a laundromat are very discerning—if they see old machines and outdated technology, they’ll find another way to clean their clothing. It’s vital to keep your laundromat updated and accessible, especially if there are other laundromats in the area. Read on to learn four tips for improving your laundromat business.

Upgrade Your Machines

Outdated machines are bad for everyone—the customer and you. That’s because older washers and dryers are less efficient than their modern counterparts. With more efficient machines, your customers spend less time waiting for their clothes to finish washing or drying, and you can spend less money on your utility bills. New washers can clean clothes effectively with a fraction of the water that old machines use.

Add Amenities

Your customers will spend quite a bit of time in your laundromat as they wait for their clothes to dry. The nicer you make your facility, the more willing customers will be to come back. This means that you should equip your laundromat with comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and vending machines. All these services make waiting a little less arduous, and you might turn a profit on the new vending machine!

Renovate Your Exterior

First impressions are everything. It doesn’t matter if the interior of your laundromat is as sleek and clean as the USS Enterprise—if your building’s façade looks run-down, you’ll alienate a lot of your customers. Visible, accurate signage is a necessity, and well-manicured trees and plants go a long way toward a professional look.

Use a Payment App

Finally, consider entering the modern era with an updated payment system. Coin-operated laundromats are things of the past—no one wants to lug around a pocket full of coins these days. However, everyone has a phone in their pocket. Switching to a payment app is an easy way to widen your customer base while making them happy. There are so many benefits of laundromat payment apps, so don’t neglect this option!

Now that you know these four tips for improving your laundromat’s business, try out one or all of them and watch the customers pour in!

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