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The Five Most Common Myths About Concealed Carry


The Five Most Common Myths About Concealed Carry


People tend to believe several common myths about the concealed carry community and best carrying practices. However, these myths simply aren’t true. Let’s dive a little deeper into the realities of concealed carry.

Myth: Concealed Carry Classes Aren’t Necessary

Some people have the notion that if they’ve shot a gun before, they can conceal-carry a firearm without proper training or classes. The fact of the matter is that training is required to receive a concealed carry permit in most states. Additionally, training teaches best carrying practices, increasing your confidence as well as your safety and that of others.

Myth: You Have To Carry on Your Waist

Conceal-carrying inside or outside the waistband is common. This is why many people think it’s the only way to conceal-carry. However, there are several other forms of concealed carry, such as:

  • Ankle holsters: These are best used in the colder months while you’re wearing pants.
  • Belly bands: Also best worn in the colder months, when you’ll perspire less
  • Rifle bags: A common off-body concealed carry method, great for stowing your firearm in your vehicle

Myth: The Chamber Should Be Empty When You Carry

The idea of carrying a live round in a firearm can be intimidating to some people. However, you can trust the safety mechanism on any firearm. Carrying with a live round in the gun is actually encouraged. Just a single second—the time it takes to load a round—in a crisis can mean life or death.

Myth: Practice Shooting Isn’t Necessary

A common myth is that shooting comes naturally and therefore doesn’t need practiced. This may not be the case when adrenaline is pumping through your system. This myth is not only dangerous but also ineffective. Practice shooting your firearm at the range, dry-firing at home, and even drawing your gun.

Myth: The Smaller the Firearm, the Better

The thought that a smaller firearm is best for concealed carry isn’t true. Sure, a smaller gun is easier to hide on your body or in a bag. However, the most important aspect of your firearm is its grip size for you. Too large of a grip, and you’ll have difficulties grasping the gun for a proper shot. Too small, and you may over-grip and bend your wrist while shooting.

Avoid believing these common myths about concealed carry. They could prevent not only proper form and function but also your safety and that of your loved ones.

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