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Survival Rules You Should Know Before Camping

Survival Rules You Should Know Before Camping

Camping trips are fun for the whole family! They offer you an adventurous way to connect with nature and relax. Additionally, it’s a great source of exercise that’s different from hitting the gym. However, the wilderness is full of danger that you must be aware of before venturing into the unknown. Here are three survival rules you should know before camping.

Finding Clean Water

Clean drinking water is always your top priority when roughing it in the woods. Without enough hydration, the body begins to shut down, eventually leading to death. First and foremost, pack an adequate amount of water before your trip—the average person requires about 2.7 liters of water a day.

Additionally, you can sometimes find fresh water sources in downhill areas. You should only collect water from moving sources and always boil the water before drinking it.

Starting a Fire

Aside from water, you’ll need a crackling fire near your campsite. A fire provides you with warmth, light, protection, and the ability to cook food/boil water.

However, bringing along some lighter fluid and a match isn’t suitable for creating a fire—it’s unsustainable and produces toxic gases. Don’t worry; you won’t be rubbing sticks for hours on end to make a spark. Instead, bring along a fire starter and forage for dry logs and kindling.

Proper Clothing and Gear

You can’t survive long in the wilderness without the proper clothing and gear. Always bring clothes that help wick moisture and keep you dry. You want flexible clothes that offer a wide range of motion. Ensure your pants and shoes adequately prevent over-exposure and physical hazards, like sharp rocks and branches.

Proper gear ensures successful camping trips, so always pack first aid equipment and survival tools, such as knives. An axe is helpful if you plan to find and chop your own firewood. Don’t forget a comfortable hiking backpack for easier transportation of your gear.
These survival rules you should know before camping aren’t just important for providing an enjoyable experience—they could save your life in an emergency situation. Once you have the proper wilderness skills, knowledge, and equipment, you can confidently tackle nature.

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