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Basic Upgrades That Improve Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Basic Upgrades That Improve Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Are you thinking of selling your vehicle? Before you do, it’s sensible to make a few modifications to get your car in its best shape and increase its value.

Consider these basic upgrades to improve your vehicle’s resale value before putting it on the market.

Leather Seats

If your car has cloth or faux-leather seats, replacing them with premium leather is a worthy upgrade. Leather seats look better, are more durable, and give your vehicle a more luxurious feel.

Plus, leather seats aren’t that expensive and can make the entire interior seem brand-new! Don’t forget, the first thing a potential buyer will notice on a test drive is how comfortable the seats are.

Pro Tip: Choose a color other than black for leather seats, as black leather can become burning hot on warm days from direct sunlight.

Tech Enhancements

Does your car have the latest in-car gadgets and tech such as Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi hotspot? If not, these are additional features to make your car look newer and give it a resale value boost. Some cutting-edge tech features you can add to your vehicle include:

  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
  • Upgraded infotainment system
  • In-Car Wi-Fi
  • Satellite navigation

Fresh Paint Job

What’s the first thing you notice about a car? Its color, of course! If your vehicle’s paint job looks a little faded, chipped, or rusted, a new paint job can increase its value tremendously.

A new paint job isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade; it better protects the vehicle’s exterior to ward off rust, something any potential buyer would like to hear. Just make sure you protect your paint job adequately for it to last for the long haul!

New Tires

If your vehicle has been riding on the same set of tires since you bought it, popping on a fresh batch can do wonders for the car’s look and drivability. Even the best tires fade and wear down after many miles, and a buyer would be impressed if a used vehicle had new tires.

Consider going with high-performance tires to help your car look better, drive smoother, and achieve better grip on the road.

Brake Replacement

While replacing the tires, it’s also not wrong to consider getting new brakes. Like tires, brakes are vital to the car’s drivability, but they eventually wear down after years of use.

New brakes don’t cost that much and will make your vehicle safer and perform better. High-quality brakes are something any knowledgeable buyer would notice immediately on a test drive, and it shows that you care about the essential aspects of the car.

Many basic upgrades improve your vehicle’s resale value, but these are some of our preferred modifications. When you opt for these modifications, you’re improving your car’s style, performance, and safety.

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