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The Different Types of Logging Equipment

The Different Types of Logging Equipment

To complete and fulfill today’s forestry and logging demands, a business must know about the different types of equipment they can use. It’s essential to carefully consider the machinery used on a job site and ensure all team members understand how it functions. Let’s look at some of the most common pieces of equipment used.

Feller Bunchers

A feller buncher contributes to harvesting logs. An attachment on a motorized vehicle will cut and gather many trees before the felling process. This type of equipment is excellent for efficiency on large jobs.


The skidder will help take the logs and trees out of the forest and onto a landing spot. The project lead will designate a specific roadside or open-air space for the skidder to transport the wood material. From there, it will undergo the next step, which is typically wood chipping.


A woodchipper will typically sit at or near the landing site so the transportation of the logs to the chipper is easier and more efficient. A woodchipper can help break large limbs and trunks down into smaller, more manageable pieces for their final transport to a yard.

Swing Machines

A swing machine is an essential type of equipment in the logging industry as it is multifunctional. Swing machines work well for shovel loggers, stroke de-limbers, roadbuilders, harvesters, and loaders. Though they resemble an excavator machine, they serve many different purposes.


Throughout the evolution of the logging industry, harvesters have been more prevalent and instrumental. These unique pieces of machinery help harvest the logs with an arm attached to a motorized vehicle. The arm’s design helps to grab, clear, and cut designated areas of land. This machine has various forms, like tracked or wheeled harvesters, so the project lead will determine which is best for the project.

Ensuring job site efficiency and safety requires basic knowledge of the different types of logging equipment. The logging industry is lucrative and sees increasing demands every day, and none of it is possible without these devices.

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