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Why the Bible Is Considered To Be Literature

Why the Bible Is Considered To Be Literature


Sure, there are many different genres of literature present in the Bible. There is poetry, philosophy, drama, and history. However, it still doesn’t bring about any objective evidence of there being any one type of literature that confines them all into one canon.

This is the problem and yet some argue that the Bible is indeed considered to be literature. So together, we’ll try to make sense of the different arguments at this moment in history.

A Matter of Antiquity

Because the Bible is so old, it is often revered as the index of so many other books of ancient times. And yet, it holds the most weight compared to other ancient texts as it contains some of the most influential proverbs of all time.

Whether they be fables or philosophies, these other ancient books may have narratives but, in many cases, lack the Bible’s specifics with the context that it so clearly provides in virtually every book that you read within the canon. This makes the argument that one should look at the Bible as a historical narrative in its own rite.

Similarities in Storytelling

There have also been arguments that many of the ancient and classic stories and fables all have their origins in the Bible. This is particular to Anglo-Saxon culture but has influenced Muslim culture, with titles such as The Green Knight and Arabian Nights, both of which hold lineage to the biblical canon. It is from this that the Bible could be seen as more of a fictional book or even fantasy.

Transformative Properties

When you look at the outward effect that the Bible has had on people throughout time, you see the magnitude and power of such a text. Then you start to question whether there is something that you might not have considered.

Many revere the Bible as a spiritual book, so therefore it could be seen as spiritual literature, but it is also so much more. It could be possible that it falls into all these categories unanimously and thus it’s a type of literature—or rather, the standard of all literature.

Whether you consider the Bible to be literature or not, it’s not an easy question to answer. There are many answers and possibilities that you could draw from, but at a certain moment, you always find what you’re looking for with scriptural works such as these.

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