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Cable Safety Measures To Prevent an Accident

Cable Safety Measures To Prevent an Accident

We want to feel safe in our homes or offices with an organized and well-kept area. A space with many cables or messy cords may have safety hazards and need attention to ensure that no accidents occur. When you have multiple cords and cables, it may become difficult to keep track of them, so organizing needs to hold priority.

Tape Cables Against Walls

Loose cables are a nuisance in multiple settings and may lead to tripping or devices getting pulled down if someone’s foot catches a cable. Taping cables to walls will prevent people from tripping and injuring themselves. The cables are also less likely to become damaged if someone rolls over or steps on them. Use tape masking tape for thin cords and duct tape for thicker cables to ensure that they stay on the bottom of the walls. And if you use multiple wires, stack them on top of each other along the wall and tape them at different intervals.

Use a Cord Organizer

A cord organizer, such as a cord holder or other similar tools, will prevent cords from getting tangled and creating a potential tripping hazard for you and anyone else. Using zip ties is a cheap and convenient cable safety measure to prevent an accident and keep cables organized. Simply wrapping the ties around the cords will keep them together and make them more visible for anybody walking over them. Cable management is also important for cables to work better since they aren’t tangled, and their internal electric pulses can travel straight.

Use Colored Cables

Cables come in multiple colors besides black or white. Green, blue, and yellow are some common cord colors available at most electronic stores.

Using colored cords will make the cables stand out, and people will have an easier time noticing them and avoiding them. Although less widespread, red cables are available for some cable types and are more noticeable than other colors.

Don’t Use a Cable With a Bend or Slit

You should always inspect cables before using them to see if they have any damage, such as a bend or tear in the cable jacket. If there are issues, the cables can be fire hazards and possibly malfunction. Thus, you must keep cords straight and organized to ensure cable safety and prevent accidents.

Preventative measures for cables are a critical aspect of creating a safe environment. Wherever you are, practice these measures to prevent problems.

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