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The Most Common Uses for Aluminum Extrusions

The Most Common Uses for Aluminum Extrusions

Many people don’t realize just how widespread and dependable aluminum extrusions are in their everyday products, appliances and even vehicles. To help you better understand how and why aluminum has become so pervasive, here are some of the most common uses for aluminum extrusions throughout a variety of industries.


As you may have expected, aluminum extrusions are a very effective and popular building material. They provide superb internal structural support, and you can find them around buildings in the form of handrails, door frames, windows and other various details. In fact, people often use aluminum extrusions for aesthetic design simply because they provide a sleek and modern appeal. Thanks to their strength and lightweight attributes, aluminum extrusions can be incorporated practically anywhere.


The transportation industry has adopted extrusions in the creation of as many vehicle models as possible, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most common uses for aluminum extrusions. The strength of aluminum matches those of other metals traditionally used in cars, trucks and more. But more importantly, the lightweight trait of these extrusions makes them far more efficient. The lighter a vehicle is, the more fuel-efficient it can be since the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to move the entire vehicle. Think about how older cars used to be so much heavier because they used materials like stainless steel.


Any industrial facility will also make use of aluminum extrusions as a practical and efficient material. Aluminum extrusions are very easy to craft and mold into specific designs, allowing for quick and effective construction of applications like tables, carts, manufacturing equipment and more. Furthermore, aluminum extrusion machine guards make heavy machinery so much safer for operation by reducing the likelihood of workers coming into contact with dangerous components.

Home Décor

Where you may least expect aluminum extrusions is in home décor. You may own indoor and outdoor furniture that uses aluminum extrusions in its construction. This helps ensure furniture is long-lasting but not too heavy to move around as you see fit. Extrusions are also used in art pieces or picture frames for that sleek and modern appearance the construction industry also takes advantage of.

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