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4 Interesting Facts About Paper Shredders

4 Interesting Facts About Paper Shredders

If you don’t have a paper shredder at home, you’ve likely seen one in your office or at your local bank. Everyone is familiar with the basic functionality of a paper shredder and the services this machine provides. However, there is much more to know about paper shredders than meets the eye. Here are four interesting facts you might not have known about paper shredders.

1. First Paper Shredder Patent

Did you know an inventor patented the first paper shredder in 1909? Its creator was Abbot Augustus Lowe, who wanted to design a machine that could efficiently dispose of paper products. Other notable early shredder designs came out in the 1930s, when paper shredders destroyed incriminating propaganda and confidential information during World War II. The initial designs of these early machines, which featured hand cranks, look a lot different than the paper shredders that we are accustomed to nowadays.

2. Paper Shredders Have Unique Security Levels

You might be surprised to learn there are seven different security levels that classify paper shredders. Several unique factors influence a shredder’s security level, including the type of cut and particle size produced. When the average homeowner selects a paper shredder for their home office, they don’t often give much thought to the level of security that shredder offers. However, for some industries, the security level of a paper shredder makes all the difference.

3. There Are Multiple Types of Shredders

Not only are there distinct security classes for paper shredders, but there are multiple types of shredding systems as well. You should never place a full stack of paper into a standard deskside shredder; however, industrial-sized shredders are specially designed to handle bulk paper stacks and shred thousands of pounds per hour. There are also specialty shredders for destroying other personal items such as plastic ID and credit cards, flash drives, and common office supplies.

4. You Can Give Your Shredder Maintenance

No matter what type of paper shredder you use at home or in the office, there are tips and tricks to take care of it. Many shredder owners don’t realize that they can provide maintenance for a paper shredder like they would many other pieces of equipment. For example, using shredder oil on commercial shredder blades will help lubricate them, preventing jams and allowing paper to pass through more easily. Practicing maintenance tips on your paper shredder helps keep its blades sharp and increases the longevity of the machine.

While the average home paper shredder might not seem all that interesting, there is much more to these machines and the shredding industry than meets the eye. Hopefully, these four interesting facts about paper shredders taught you something new about these complex machines.

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