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What To Consider When Choosing a Stretch Wrapper

What To Consider When Choosing a Stretch Wrapper

Is your company currently hand-wrapping shipping loads? Save packaging time and money with a stretch wrapper. Whether you opt for a semiautomatic or fully automatic stretch wrapper, this machine can make it easier for you to properly wrap pallets and deliver damage-free inventory.

Find out what stretch wrapper is right for your business. Read about what to consider when choosing a stretch wrapper.

Loads Wrapped Per Day

Choose a stretch wrap machine that can handle an adequate load capacity. The machine should, at minimum, handle the loads your facility wraps per day. But if you want your business to grow, think ahead and get a stretch wrap machine with a larger load capacity.

The Size, Weight, and Shape of Loads

Think about the size, weight, and shape of the loads you wrap and how much these measurements vary. Choose a stretch wrapper that can accommodate all your packages. For example, one of the benefits of a turntable stretch wrapping machine is that you can program it to apply the right containment force per load.

Mobility Requirements

The next thing to consider when choosing a stretch wrapper is your facility’s mobility requirements for the machine. Perhaps you have limited floor space you need to conserve, or you need the stretch wrapper to move to different areas of the warehouse. In either case, a mobile stretch wrapper will wrap packages efficiently, and then you can easily put the machine away or move it to the next site.

Remote Monitoring

Depending on the model of your machine, you can optimize your stretch wrapping machine’s performance with remote monitoring. Download an app, and then you can check its usage, service ticketing, maintenance needs, film usage, and performance metrics. You’ll know the machine is working as efficiently as possible and have data for the best maintenance.

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