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Where To Place Your Shopping Carts for More Sales

Where To Place Your Shopping Carts for More Sales

Arranging your shopping carts to boost your sales is an art and science. It’s also a surprisingly important part of the shopping experience that can beef up your bottom line. So, where do you place your carts for more sales? Read on to find out.

The Parking Lot

You want to make the buying process as easy as possible. What better way to do this than to present your carts front and center in your parking lot cart storage corral? When they get out of their car, they’ll see a cart decorated with your logo, priming them to come into the store. It’s the perfect marketing solution and one you should take advantage of because if your cart isn’t easily accessible, your customers will find another place to shop.

The Entrance

The chance that your customer will go deep into the store on an adventure to find a cart is nil. Instead, they’ll find a cart that’s more accessible at another store. So make sure you have your carts right at the entrance. This also gives you a second opportunity to make them buy more by displaying your logo on the cart. The key to marketing is repetition, so having your brand put before the customer twice will remind them of your expertise.

The Exit

This takes care of a two-fold problem. It keeps you from making them abandon their cart—this is another reason you’ll want to implement corrals—and it’ll emphasize ease of use. It takes one subconscious nudge in the wrong direction to send your customers running to another store. In the long run, this particular shopping cart placement will give you more sales since the customer will associate you and your store with ease of use.

In short, shopping cart placement is more important than you’d think. It can help your customers associate you with organization and accessibility. The idea is to make things as easy as possible.

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