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How To Maintain a Clean and Safe Construction Site

How To Maintain a Clean and Safe Construction Site

Cleanliness is vital in every industry, including construction. A clean construction site is a safe construction site. You can’t do your job properly if you don’t maintain a clean and safe construction site for all your workers. Every employee must be on board with these efforts.

Clear Access Points

You need to have a free range of movement when working at your job site. Blocked pathways and congested areas can cause accidents, resulting in severe injuries to your workers.

Keep all sidewalks, roads, pathways, and stairways leading to or from your construction site clear and defined. This helps prevent accidents and potential litigation if someone gets injured by tripping over debris. Install traffic signs to help civilians navigate your work zone easily. Be sure to identify dangerous areas.

Clean Up Debris

Keep all walking and working surfaces clean and clear of debris. Clean as you go to prevent the build-up of debris. Working construction means materials and dust will fly everywhere. Have cleaning supplies close by to maintain cleanliness.

Sweep after every job or every major mess to keep the floor visible for your workers. Cleaning as you go minimizes the time needed to clean a larger mess at the end of the day. Pay close attention to debris in stairwells. These areas cause more accidents on construction sites.

Check Lavatory Facilities

You need to ensure the toilet facilities are up to date and constantly clean. A clean restroom is essential for health and hygiene purposes for all workers and visitors of the site. Take it a step further and install more than just a few portable restrooms.

Consider purchasing a construction site bathroom trailer to maximize your workers’ comfort. Be sure to place the trailer in a safe and accessible location for everyone. Watch out for traffic and avoid installing the trailer near busy streets.

Keep Extension Cords Clear

Keep extension cords clear of all walkways. Loose cords lying around can result in your workers or passerby tripping and falling. Extension cords and air lines should be elevated, if possible. Keep them out of walkways or cover them with lumber and plywood.

People are more likely to see lumber or plywood and avoid it before they see an extension cord, which can easily get disguised under dust and debris. When not in use, coil up the cords and neatly store them away.

Keep all your supplies secure and maintain a clean and safe environment for your construction site to ensure everyone gets home safe after a rewarding day on the job.

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