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Useful Tools for Factory Equipment Inspections

Useful Tools for Factory Equipment Inspections

If you want to extend the life of your industrial machines, maintenance is essential. Not only does equipment care improve efficiency, but it also cuts repair costs and improves safety conditions.

An essential part of maintaining your tools is inspecting them often. This process allows plant managers to identify faulty equipment and get ahead of budding production problems. Learn about some useful tools for factory equipment inspections so that you can have a hands-on role in your machine maintenance.

Standard Tools

Industrial equipment is complex and requires specific instruments for inspection. However, you still need standard tools to get the job done. Before starting your inspection process, make sure you have some of the following:

  • Measuring tape
  • Wrenches and sockets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Calipers
  • Gages


Visual tools are essential for fast and efficient factory equipment inspections. Being able to see into your machine’s crevices without disassembling said machine helps plants avoid costly downtime. Flexible borescopes are useful in this case because they allow you to look at hidden internal components.

Borescopes aren’t the only visual tools you can use in your inspections. Microscopes, drones, and videoscopes also allow you to look deep into your machines to see tiny details. Since many problems come from minuscule components, taking a look at these features is essential.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Sometimes, issues are nearly invisible to the naked eye. In this case, identifying imperfections can be difficult and leave you with more problems than solutions. The good news is that ultrasonic technology can catch these tiny blemishes.

Ultrasonic sensors work by sending sound waves across your equipment’s surface. The waves bounce off of imperfections and report back to the sensor. Professionals can then interpret this data to make decisions about repairs and replacements.

Data Software

After you’ve collected all of this data, you’ll need somewhere to store it. Data tracking software will organize your information and help you understand everything about your equipment.

Software might not seem like a useful tool for factory equipment inspections, but it is quite valuable to companies. This technology will help you see which machines break down more frequently than others. With this information, you can adapt maintenance schedules and improve practices to sustain your devices.

If you still need help inspecting your industrial equipment, you can also hire a professional service. Either way, knowing about these helpful tools allows industry professionals to take the lead with their own essential machines.

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