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Different Smells That Indicate a Problem in Your Home

Different Smells That Indicate a Problem in Your Home

Most people tend to keep their houses clean and fresh. However, unpleasant fragrances are a common nuisance for many homeowners. But not all scents signal the same issues—here are three different smells that indicate a problem in your home.

Fishy Fragrance

A fishy smell in your house isn’t always from seafood waste in the trash can. More likely, this particular fragrance could mean you have electrical issues with one or multiple appliances. When electrical devices and components overheat, they emit a pungent, fishy scent. The problem typically stems from poor insulation or shielding and is usually noticeable from loose or frayed cords and wires. Contact an electrician immediately if you notice the unpleasant hint of seafood.

Lingering Dirty Laundry

Do certain rooms in your home have a musty smell that’s reminiscent of a locker room? This is probably not the result of excess dirty laundry. Instead, it could mean that bacteria has overtaken coils found in heating systems. It most commonly occurs in the spring and fall since you usually cycle between various temperatures during these seasons. This constant change, in some instances, encourages bacteria growth. HVAC experts are more than capable of cleaning out your potentially harmful dirty air ducts and other HVAC components, thus fixing this issue!

Persistent Pickle Odors

Another food-related scent, pickle odors are not always the result of pickles in the trash. Rather, this fragrance most likely stems from the presence of chemical formaldehyde within your home. You do not want this volatile organic compound in your house, as it’s a known carcinogen that may cause life-long health issues.

Chemical formaldehyde is used in walls and floors as well as in certain furniture materials. The best way to eliminate the smell and formaldehyde gasses is by running fans and allowing ventilation throughout your home. Eliminating these gasses can take up to two years of standard dilution, so consult a professional on the best and quickest solutions.

No one wants a home that stinks, especially if those smells indicate a problem. By understanding the meaning of these three odors, you can better identify issues and rectify them in a timely manner. Always consider consulting professionals when dealing with health-threatening situations.

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