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The Importance of Using Oil on Your Hair Shears

The Importance of Using Oil on Your Hair Shears

Starting a new career or side hustle always comes with a learning process, but the more you study, the more you’ll learn. A position in the beauty industry can be a great full-time job or side hustle.

One thing you’ll need to learn is proper maintenance for your tools. This includes maintaining your shears by keeping them oiled. Keep reading to learn about the importance of using oil on your hair shears as well as how often you should do so and what kind of oil you should use.

The Importance of Oil

Hair shears have moving parts that you need to keep in good condition, and the best way you can do that is with oil. Regularly oiling your shears is important because it reduces the friction between the blades and the screw, both of which could corrode with too much friction.

Oil also prevents hair from sticking to the blades and the screw, which can hurt your customer’s head and damage the shears. Protecting your shears with oil ensures that your tool lasts a long time.

Frequency of Oiling

Different professionals have different opinions on how often you should oil your hair shears. Some claim that you need to do so every day, while others say only once a week is necessary. Both can be true depending on how often you use your shears.

If you cut hair for just an hour or two a day as a side hustle, you may need to oil your shears only once a week. But if you’re becoming a full-time hairdresser and cutting hair all day at school or in a salon, you’ll probably need to oil your shears every day.

Best Kind of Oil

Now that you know how important oil is and how often you need to apply it to your shears, you need to choose what type of oil to use. Look for a high-quality lubricating oil that’s compatible with the type of metal in your shears. Many hairdressers use camellia, clipper, machine, or olive oil. You can also use WD-40, as long as you check that this general-purpose oil is safe to use on your type of shears.

The importance of using oil on your hair shears, how frequently you should do so, and what type of oil you should use are just three pieces of information you’ll learn on your hairdresser journey. The more you learn, the more prepared you’ll be for this exciting new career or side hustle.

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