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What You Should Know Before Going to a Baseball Game

What You Should Know Before Going to a Baseball Game

Going to a baseball game is a popular first date activity and is a great way for families to spend time together. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a big baseball fan to have a blast at the park. Here’s what you should know before going to a baseball game to savor every second.

Take a Stroll Around the Stadium

Part of the allure of going to your first big league baseball game is basking in the stadium’s glory. Each park has a distinctive style, and you can’t fully appreciate it until you take a lap around the ballpark. You can find several cool things on the concourse of a baseball stadium. Browsing gift shops, speed pitches, and team-centric Hall of Fame displays are a fun way to kill an hour or two before the first pitch.

Know When To Leave

It’s best to come to an understanding before the game of when you are going to leave. You don’t want to wrestle with your partner, family, or friends over that decision during the fourth inning of a close game. Ideally, you want to stay for the entire game, but if that’s not possible, try to make it to the seventh inning at least. That way, you won’t miss out on singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Although, if the game is a blowout or isn’t your vibe, there’s no shame in leaving early to try and beat traffic.

Learn Some Lingo

There are many intricacies involved in baseball games. However, you don’t need to understand pitching changes, the defensive shift, or hitting the other way to get involved. Simply screaming out generic phrases like “good eye” or “you’re right on it” makes you feel like you’re part of the game and the crowd around you. Just make sure you call “runs” instead of “points”—fans hate that.

Celebrate Good Times

The beauty of going to a game is sitting in a stadium among thousands of people rooting for the same outcome. Therefore, when the home team does something big, you can join in on the jubilation of others and high-five them like they are your besties. If you aren’t cognizant of the appropriate time to start cheering, follow the lead of others. This is usually pretty straightforward unless a small group of individuals is happy because the run line looks favorable rather than because the game is going well.

Come Hungry

The most vital component of going to the park is enjoying all the food it has to offer. Nothing hits as hard as grabbing some ballpark food and taking in a game. There’s a never-ending supply of food you can sample at a ballgame. Nachos, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, and popcorn all taste better when you’re staring at a baseball diamond. Thus, go to the ballpark on an empty stomach and treat the concourse like a buffet.

Going to a baseball game is far more enjoyable when you know what you should do when you enter the gates. The game may seem like a lull, but there’s still fun to be had.

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