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Essential Tools That Every Contractor Needs

Essential Tools That Every Contractor Needs

People need contractors for all sorts of jobs, both residential and commercial. People expect contractors to have the experience and tools necessary to get the job done, but for some newer contractors, it may be unclear what exactly they may need. Read on to learn some of the essential tools every contractor needs to complete their jobs.

Personal Protective Equipment

Essential to every contractor is a collection of personal protective equipment (PPE). Job site work may be dangerous as machines constantly operate and people move around. To ensure you are protected, you will need PPE such as a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, a respirator, and suitable footwear to prevent slipping and to protect the feet.


Contractors need to find reliable, high-quality bandsaws, which enable them to cut huge pieces of wood or metal cleanly and uniformly; without one, a simple cut may take far too much time. Another benefit to having a bandsaw is that you can cut irregular or curved shapes. Along with the machine itself, you will need to find suitable bandsaw blades to take care of whatever project you’re working on. There are different sizes for working with different material thicknesses, but some blades are also better for working with metal, while others are better for wood.

A Pencil

Yes, a pencil! This is a tool that almost everyone has, but it has a lot of different purposes in the hands of an experienced contractor. Pencils are essential on any job site as contractors must constantly take notes regarding the progress of something, what they need to do differently, measurements, blueprints, and any customization notes. A lot goes on at work sites, and to stay on top of everything, you must be best friends with your pencil. Without one, tasks may run behind schedule, go off plan, and accurate measurements will turn into guesses and generalizations that could lead to disaster.

Every contractor needs these tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently—that, and a little elbow grease and know-how!


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