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Things To Inspect When Buying Used Spray Foam Equipment

Things To Inspect When Buying Used Spray Foam Equipment

Obtaining spray foam equipment for your business can be quite an investment, especially for beginner contractors. This is why many contractors shop for used spray foam equipment that sellers offer at a slight discount. You can easily find many high-quality used spray foam systems within your budget. However, some sellers could be stretching the truth about the condition of their equipment. Here are some things to look out for when buying and inspecting used spray foam equipment.

Hoses and Proportioning System

Every spray foam contractor knows what can happen when they fail to thoroughly clean and flush their spray foam equipment after use. The dried and cured spray foam can collect and coat the inside walls of the hose and proportioning system, which can be a headache to remove. Often, you’ll need to completely replace hoses when too much spray foam buildup occurs. Therefore, you should always check the hoses and proportioners of the used spray foam systems you’re inspecting.

Spray Gun

Spray foam guns can also suffer from spray foam residue and buildup, which makes their individual parts more difficult to operate. You should also check spray guns for any loose or damaged parts. The last thing you want is a used spray gun to fall apart on you during your next job. Make sure that the spray gun connects securely to the hose and proportioner so that you don’t experience any leaks or overspray on the job either.

History of Repairs

While this doesn’t involve the physical equipment itself, it’s always wise to ask the seller about the equipment’s repair history. Obtaining even a rough estimate of a machine’s repair history can help you understand its lifespan. You’ll be able to estimate when it may be due for maintenance again after purchasing. One of the misconceptions about used spray foam equipment is that these materials never last long. By obtaining a record of repairs and scheduling future repairs in a timely manner, you can expand the lifespan of your equipment by keeping it in good condition.

When considering getting used spray foam equipment, you should conduct a close inspection if you can. Remember these points to inspect when buying used spray foam equipment so that you can catch any red flags before committing to the purchase.

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