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Top Diabetic Supplies That You Need in Everyday Life

Top Diabetic Supplies That You Need in Everyday Life

Being diabetic can be challenging, but it is manageable. If you have diabetes, you’ll likely wonder what you should have with you at all times, especially in case of emergency. Though this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list of things you need, we’ve put together some of the essentials. Here are the top diabetic supplies you’ll need to carry in your daily life.

Medical Alert Bracelet

Medical alert bracelets are a necessity. They allow you to communicate with a medical professional if you are incapacitated. Wearing a medical alert bracelet can save your life. In an emergency, an EMT won’t have to waste precious time trying to figure out how to stabilize you because they’ll better understand your condition.

You can even engrave your medications on the inside of the bracelet. This will tell the EMT exactly what medications you take and the dosage. They can use this information to avoid medication interactions. Out of all the items on this list, the medical alert bracelet is one of the most important diabetic supplies you need in your daily life.

Diabetic Shoes and Socks

Diabetic socks, shoes, and slippers are meant to be worn everywhere. Doctors warn that you should wear diabetic footwear even in the house. There are many reasons why you need diabetic shoes and socks. The most common is that people with diabetes—especially if they suffer from diabetic neuropathy—struggle with numbness in their feet. Because of this, people with diabetes are far less likely to feel foot wounds. Slower-healing wounds can lead to infection. Luckily, diabetic footwear offers you the buffer you need.

A Special Bag

People with diabetes have all kinds of equipment that they must carry with them. Testing strips, lancelets, and glucometers are necessary. Some of these items are incredibly delicate, like the lancelets, and could break in your bag. Luckily, there are bags and purses specifically designed to hold diabetic medical supplies. Carrying a proper bag is essential to keeping your supplies safe and easily accessible.

In short, there’s a lot to keep track of when you have diabetes, from footwear to blood sugar. However, you’ll be far better off with these items. They’re all necessary, so we urge you to pick them up as soon as possible. It could save your life.

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