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Ways To Improve the Physical Security of Your Business

Ways To Improve the Physical Security of Your Business

There is no doubt that businesses of all sizes face security threats. Many commercial properties don’t realize the importance of adequate physical surveillance and protection to ensure employee well-being and mitigate asset loss.

It helps to have a robust security system in place to deter unauthorized entry and criminal activity. As you read this article, you’ll discover ways to improve the physical security of your business and protect your investments.

Case Your Location

While it’s a simple task, casing your business each morning and every night after closing is a fantastic starting point to strengthen security. By walking around your property, you’ll develop a sense of normal and abnormal situations that need addressing.

To make your inspections even more efficient, encourage your team to report suspicions or concerns during their rounds.

Upgrade Windows, Doors, and Locks

Having reinforced windows, doors, and locks is a must when strengthening your business’s security. Consider commercial grade locks for all entrances and internal exits, and invest in sturdy locks for all windows. Remember to secure all windows and doors when they aren’t in use.

Regulate Access

Access control technology is an advancement that allows authorized personnel into specific areas by verifying their identity via keycard, PIN, or biometric meter. While areas containing sensitive information like IT and HR would benefit the most from access control implementation, it also helps to set up a security gate on your commercial property.

With added protection, access control can support security efforts by eliminating keys, providing time tracking, and enhancing monitoring.

Shred Documents

Whether or not they serve a purpose, documents are rarely safe in the trash. It would be wise to shred documents containing sensitive information to prevent them from ending up in the wrong hands. Remember to properly discard and shred paperwork that involves invoices, quotes, and printed communications.

The importance of business security is undeniable. Every ounce of prevention is worth investing in to secure your company’s assets. By improving the physical security of your business, you’ll decrease its risk of becoming a burglar’s next target.

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