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What You Need To Know When Planning a Funeral

What You Need To Know When Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral poses significant emotional and practical challenges to anyone going through the grieving process. However, the ritual itself can give closure and help everyone feel better in the end. Here’s a look at what you need to know when planning a funeral to make the process a bit easier.

Find the Deceased’s Legal Representative

One of the first things you should do is find the deceased’s legal representative so you can determine the proper course of action. A lot of people leave instructions in their wills regarding memorial services.

Don’t Use the First Place You Find

Many bereaved folks will use the funeral home that is closest to the deceased’s final resting place or their home. While this can work, it may be more expensive and not present the options that you want. Search local funeral homes to find the place that best suits your needs and shares customer reviews and comments.

Determine the Service Type

Different funeral services abound, including quiet, sedate affairs to positive and sunny celebrations of a person’s life. There’s no right choice; it all comes down to your wishes and the wishes of the deceased. You’ll also want to find someone who can officiate the funeral as well. Look to the pastor of the deceased’s parish, temple, or church, if they were members, or to another spiritual leader who was meaningful to your loved one.

Choose How Best To Lay Them to Rest

Just as there are multiple funeral services, there are multiple ways to lay the deceased to rest. From cremation to casket burial, there are any number of ways that you can lay someone to rest. So choose the one with the most meaning to you and the deceased. Then prepare yourself for what to expect at a memorial service.

Take The Time You Need for Yourself

Although funeral planning is important, so is processing your own feelings and grief. Take time to feel the loss and properly mourn, or else you’ll hold on to your grief for years. After you’ve put to use what you needed to know to plan a funeral, take the time to mourn and emotionally recover.

Hopefully this guide can help you manage the funeral preparations to make the whole process easier. Having the space and time to properly grieve is very important for your emotional well-being.

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