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Best Lighting Ideas To Boost Security in College Campuses

Best Lighting Ideas To Boost Security in College Campuses

Lighting on college campuses could be better. Many campuses in rural areas need lighting the most; with more classes at night, many students, faculty, and staff feel safer when there’s plenty of exterior illumination. Take a look at the best lighting ideas to boost security in college campuses.

Safety Posts and Security Lights

Some colleges have installed safety posts and security lights. Security lights are automatic illuminators mostly found near and around campus buildings and dormitories. These security lights glow far enough away to let others know there’s an exit or phone nearby to use.

Other campuses have installed bollards with an emergency button that contacts campus police. Once phoned, security can pinpoint the direct location and come straight to you and assist in your emergency.

Lighting Posts Around Campus

Whether students are out on the weekend or walking late from the library, it’s essential to have more than streetlamps paving the way back to their dorm or apartment. By learning about installing light posts around campus, you discover the value lighted campus paths have to your student’s safety.

Installing lighted bollards eliminates shadows and removes the fear and anxiety of walking alone after dark. Keep your students and others safe in parking lots, buildings, and other areas of campus by installing lighting posts.

Controllable Lights Indoors and Outdoors

There are controllable lights for indoor and outdoor use. The controllable lights reduce energy costs. There are many more ways to save with lighting than mounting them outside; there are also controlled lights to install inside underground parking lots.

Why Have Lighting for College Safety?

College safety is an essential part of the college experience. For students to walk to and from class, the library, or hang out with friends, they need more accessible paths to walk safely from point A to point B. Without exterior lighting, there’s more fear in walking alone, but with lights, that fear is gone, or at least significantly lessened.

Find the best safety measures in lighting posts; they eliminate shadows and help others navigate and stay safe while walking to and from campus at night. Consider these lighting ideas when looking for the best solutions to boost security on college campuses.

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