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Twinning: What You Need To Buy Two of for Twins

Twinning: What You Need To Buy Two of for Twins

You’re twinning it, and we’re right here with you if you’re excited to get everything ready for your new dynamic duo. From decorations to sorting out what you need to buy two for twins, it’s good to have a guide, so you don’t miss any essentials.

What To Buy Two Of

Buying for twins seems confusing because you don’t exactly know what to buy two besides outfits. We’ve prepared a simple list of items you should buy in double and a list at the bottom of what to avoid purchasing multiple sets for your children.

Car Seat

Having two car seats makes sense—you’ll drive the kids back and forth to grandma and grandpa’s, the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, the park, and more.

However, before buying car seats, ensure they’re the same brand and type and have the same accessories. For example, the car seat could have clip-on toys to play with and look at to keep your kids busy during their trips.


Don’t buy two separate strollers—instead, get a double stroller! Double strollers come in two styles: the double frame and full-size. Both strollers work well for babies, but the double frame is the best one to use as a first-time stroller.

The double frame stroller’s easy to carry. While the full-size stroller doesn’t allow you to click a car seat into the stroller, the double frame does!


While some babies could share a crib, it’s better to buy two separate beds in case there’s not enough room for both. Since they’re big, you don’t want to buy convertibles right away, so purchasing bassinets or mini cribs is ideal. Make sure to buy two of everything for the crib, such as mattresses and sheet sets.

Things You Don’t Need To Buy Two Of

There are things you shouldn’t buy two of, which wouldn’t be worth the money. You want to work smarter, not harder when you have two babies at once.

Here’s what you need to avoid buying double:

  • Playpen
  • Changing table
  • Baby swing

Nursery Planning Tips for Nursery

Now that you’re ready to start shopping, the best thing to do right now is to figure out the best time to set up the nursery. Make sure you have enough time to plan everything out so you’re not rushing or dealing with the setup after the twins are born.

While learning about what to buy double for a twin nursery, you can spend time working on buying general essentials for the nursery. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare the nursery for your twins.

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