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Essential Items Every Snowmobile Rider Needs

Essential Items Every Snowmobile Rider Needs

Jumping on your snowmobile may not be in the cards today, but soon enough, you will be ready to take it out of storage and go for a ride. Before the season arrives, you should spend some time in the offseason going through your supplies and ensuring you’re ready. Here is a list of essential items every snowmobile rider should ensure they have ready to go!

Head Protection

It would not be in your best interest to begin the season with an old or potentially damaged helmet. Head protection can save you from significant trauma and withstand the force of impact in the event of an accident. If last season’s helmet encountered a heavy blow, it might be best to consider investing in a new helmet to provide yourself better protection this season.

Appropriate Clothing

Unlike your headgear, your clothing can withstand harsh impacts and elements without needing to replace them every time. However, the offseason is one of the best opportunities to look into new clothing. Things such as monosuits, gloves, undergarments, and compression wear all tend to be available at a reduced price in the offseason. Consider going through your collection to see what you’re ready to swap for something new.

First Aid Kit

It’s possible you dipped into your first aid kit last snowmobile season and forgot to replace the items you took out. Now is the best time to go through the kit and ensure it has all the essentials. Think of things like bandages, gauze, sterile ointments, and hot-cold patches. You may also want to consider glucose tablets, latex gloves, matches, and an emergency blanket.

Firestarter Supplies

Firestarter supplies can go in your first aid kit if there is room, but otherwise, they should go in your backpack. These are essential to ensuring your safety while riding a snowmobile because if you find yourself in an emergency, you will need to be able to stay warm. Additionally, this can help draw attention to you if you’re in a remote location.

Maintenance Tools

There are various tools you should consider stocking in your snowmobile gear bag because sometimes you never know when you may need to tweak a belt or work on the electrical system. The elements can be harsh, so it’s always best to be safe by having the tools on hand. Consider packing things like a tire pressure gauge, wrenches, screwdrivers, and spark plug sockets.

Understandably, the fun of riding a snowmobile does not rely on any of these items. Still, these are essential to your safety, which is a top priority in powersports. Remember that even if you don’t need any of these things, a fellow rider might, and you could help them out.

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